The Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States (CHORUS) is a not-for-profit public-private partnership to increase public access to peer-reviewed publications that report on federally funded research. Conceived by publishers, CHORUS:

  • Provides a solution for agencies to comply with the OSTP memo on public access to peer-reviewed scientific publications reporting on federally-funded research
  • Builds on publishers’ existing infrastructure to enhance public access to research literature, avoiding duplication of effort, minimizing cost to the government and ensuring the continued availability of the research literature
  • Serves the public by creating a streamlined, cohesive way to expand access to peer-reviewed articles reporting on federally-funded research. Reflecting the OSTP memo, CHORUS will present and preserve these as digital form, final peer-reviewed manuscripts or final published documents
  • Supports funding agencies in fulfilling the OSTP directive to provide public access, use public-private partnerships where possible and avoid extra-budgetary costs; CHORUS would require little to no federal funding
  • Utilizes current and developing tools, resources and protocols for discoverability, search, archiving and preservation (such as CrossRef, FundRef and ORCID), ensuring continued innovation in the delivery of scholarly communication

Who is involved in CHORUS?

  • CHORUS include publishers, resource partners, associations and other organizations involved in scholarly publishing.
  • The broad-based group of signatory publishers, both commercial and not-for-profit, collectively produce the vast majority of the articles reporting on federally-funded research
  • CHORUS includes a service provider, CrossRef, a nonprofit organization responsible for enabling linking among the world’s scholarly publishing platforms
  • Publishers involved in CHORUS have engaged with funding agencies subject to the OSTP memo and are in continuing discussions to determine how CHORUS can suit agency needs

Listen to Podcast where Howard Ratner, Director of Development, describes the CHORUS system.

 | Contact us | CHORUS is a service of CHOR, Inc., a Delaware nonprofit corporation | © 2013 CHOR Inc. |

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